Uzma Khan Portfolio

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

― Jodi Picoult

My portfolio showcases the various written work produced throughout my years at the University of Westminster. See my contact information below to get in touch.

The Forgotten Students

It’s already been just over a year since the unprecedented pandemic transformed the lives of everyone. Throughout this time period, students from primary schools to college have received endless amounts of information and support. But what about university students? Gizdem Albayrak, a University of Westminster student, details about tuition fees, mental fees and whether the…

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Stop The Obsession With Hijabs

The hijab is a religious veil worn by the women of Islam to preserve their modesty. It’s what defines, liberates and empowers them as strong women and plays a key part to the Islamic culture.  Yet, in Western countries, it’s considered oppressive and ‘backwards.’ The West seem to have an obsessive relationship with the hijab,…

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The Unlikely Duo: Bollywood and Africa

An industry that relies on culture and tradition, how did Bollywood conquer Africa? Bollywood movies were introduced in the 1950’s to Western Africa through Lebanese merchants, as they were cheaper to license than Hollywood movies. Many of these movies were watched outdoors in courtyards and movie houses and very quickly became popular amongst Western Africans.…

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