Paper Review- 31st March 2020

In this paper review, we take a look at three news websites- Mail Online, The Sun and The Daily Mirror on their coverage of Covid-19 on the 31st March. Within this, we look at the different angles each website has taken and any further developments/ information provided along with some visually appealing info-graphics and pictures.

The News Website Coverage that I looked at:

Daily Mail (Mail online): The Mail online took on a more statistic based angle whereby the article was heavily relying on the facts and figures that were released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Moreover, they heavily incorporated some pictures of either victims or NHS staff as well as info-graphics and graphs.

The Sun: The Sun followed a simialr style to The Mail Online but were not as reliant on the facts and figures. Whilst presenting the numbers, the ade sure to explain what it meant as well as embedding statements made by key important people such as the PM and Alan Hoskins, the chief officer of the Health Care Supply Association. Likewise, they also incorporated some pictures and infographics but also a little Q and A box towards the end, should any of their readers have any unanswered questions. These questions are answered by Dr Hilary in the ‘Ask Dr Hilary’ segment.

Daily Mirror: The Daily Mirror took a different approach and went with a ‘live blog/feed’ to constantly report new developments as quick as they can. Rather than focusing one section, they are reporting everything that is tied with Covid-19, making it concise yet informative.

Pictures, Graphs and Infographics:

 NHS staff at St Thomas' hospital in London today
NHS staff at St Thomas’ hospital in London todayCredit: Reuters
 Luca Di Nicola, 19, died from suspected coronavirus
Luca Di Nicola, 19, died from suspected coronavirus

Statistics released this morning revealed basic details about the first 108 people in Britain to have COVID-19 mentioned on their death certificate. Elderly people and men were the worst affected, the data showed


‘We are taking a look at the news websites on the 31st of March on the coverage of Covid-19. The focus of the news websites is on the doubling of Corona virus fatalities within 24 hours after the ‘UK announces record 390 more coronavirus deaths including a 19-year-old with NO underlying health conditions taking British total to 1,798 fatalities’. This is headline for The Mail online who primarily are reporting the figures from the office of national statistics through infographics, graphs and tables.  Moreover, the news website is also reporting the other developments within the UK crisis, such as the warnings utility companies are issuing of potential power cuts due to the lack of staff available as well as the government providing automatic visa extensions for the foreign NHS staff who are helping to fight in the UK.

The online edition of The Sun are also headlining the ‘deadly rise’ of fatalities whilst highlighting the death of the healthy 19-year old. To convey this reaction, the article features a picture of two female NHS staff at St Thomas’ hospital with one seemingly providing a shocked expression. Chief Officer of health care supply association- Alan Hoskins- has tweeted his concern over the deficit of protective clothing for the NHS workers and warns that there is a struggle to source this. He tweets ‘[…] no stock, can’t help […] losing the will to live, god save us all’. Likewise, Prime minister, Boris Johnson has warned that things will ‘get worse before they get better’.

‘Records soar in UK death toll after 393 more killed’ headlines the Corona Virus live update feed online in the Daily Mirror who have reported that new data from the ‘Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) suggests that the death toll is higher than previously announced and that the number of those diagnosed with the virus has reached 25,150. However, ‘scientists say that corona virus could be stifled in May by warmer weather in hopeful signs’ as scientists from the top universities in the UK suggest that the virus follows a seasonal pattern- similar to the flu.

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