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Get Your Freak On!

With only 12 weeks left until June 21st here are 10 ways to spice up and reignite your sex life whilst keeping safe!

posted on March 29th, 2021 at 1pm

Durex Brand Publisher

  1. ‘Switchin’ the positions for you…’

Even Ariana knows what’s good, a switch in the positions can make your sex life not only pleasurable but fun. We recommend the reverse cowgirl or flat doggy for an intimate skin-to-skin moment!

2. Get out of the bedroom

Who says intimacy belongs in the bedroom? The kitchen counter, the hallway, or your garage are waiting for some action too. If you’re craving for some adventure, the garden makes a good contender!

3. How about some flavour?

Why not sweeten the moment with some flavoured lube or condom? Not only do they provide protection but the additional flavour will make you want more. Durex offers both strawberry and cherry flavoured lube and condoms that are only £9.99 and under! Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?

Source: Durex.co.uk
Source: Durex.co.uk

4. A touch of lace

Who doesn’t love a little lingerie moment? Not only do they look sexy but also make you feel sexy too. Surprise your partner or yourself and I’m certain it will hit different.

5. Maybe a little science may work?

Pheromones infused perfumes are a new way of providing intense attraction and passion from your partner. Do they work? Well, that’s up to you to find out.

6. A game of cops and robbers

Whether you’re into it or not, there’s no harm in exploring with roleplaying. (For a little added kinkiness, handcuffs and costumes can really intensify the experience).

Kinky Toys Fetish Handcuffs For Sex Game Ankle Cuff Leather Bondage  Bracelet Oral Sex Couple Paddle Bdsm Whip Collar Mask T200511 From  Lizhang01, $35.87 | DHgate.Com
Source: dhgate.com

7. Masturbation is your best friend

Sometimes a little solo action is needed and what better way than exploring yourself. To bring it up a notch and make it steamier, why not touch yourself or use a vibrator with your partner! Durex retails some for only £9.99!

Source: Durex.co.uk

8. Slow down!

Sometimes taking it slow can help build anticipation and excitement. So, take your time with the make out sesh and then move onto foreplay and then sex. (It’ll be worth it!)

9. ‘Talk dirty to me…’

Jason Derulo has the right idea. Talking dirty whether that’s through texts or phone calls can really add some spice and increase the sexual tension. 

10. Quickies. Anytime. Anywhere

Get out, and just do it. But remember: break your back, not your bank.

Source: Durex.co.uk

June 21st 2021- The only due date that matters!

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