Professional Development Plan

Section 1 As a journalism student, ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ is a programme that I frequently watch and aspire to work at in the future. As a breakfast programme that airs at 6am, the programme covers breaking news, regional news as well as celebrity interviews and debates over a relevant topic. Due to the ‘casual’Continue reading “Professional Development Plan”

Media monitoring assignment- Day 2

Tuesday 5th November 2019 The story has moved on with confirmation that Mothercare is to close all 73 stores and its online site and cease trading in the UK. This will cause roughly 2500 people in retail and the 384 head office and distribution staff to lose their jobs as a result of administration. Moreover,Continue reading “Media monitoring assignment- Day 2”

Media monitoring assignment- Day 1

Monday 4th November 2019 The story centres around Mothercare’s plummeting sales and failure to attract new customers which initially forced the company to close several of the stores earlier on in the year. However, this made little difference to the financial situation of the company so Mothercare were forced to bring administrators to their UKContinue reading “Media monitoring assignment- Day 1”

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