The Unlikely Duo: Bollywood and Africa

An industry that relies on culture and tradition, how did Bollywood conquer Africa? Bollywood movies were introduced in the 1950’s to Western Africa through Lebanese merchants, as they were cheaper to license than Hollywood movies. Many of these movies were watched outdoors in courtyards and movie houses and very quickly became popular amongst Western Africans.Continue reading “The Unlikely Duo: Bollywood and Africa”

Black History-Redefined

‘Broad and balanced’. These are the two terms that are used to define the British school curriculum, but how is this possible if schools only focus on European history? Eurocentrism is a big problem within the British school curriculum. Although it is most obvious in history classes, eurocentrism manifests itself throughout the other subjects atContinue reading “Black History-Redefined”

Muslims Can Be Racist Too

If someone asked you to describe a Muslim, how would you respond? The most stereotypical of answers would be ‘Arab or South Asian sporting a long beard and a white robe’, yet the most common. This stereotype however, ostracises and disregards those who do not fit this description. Especially Black Muslims. A Muslim is aContinue reading “Muslims Can Be Racist Too”

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